The ICBF hosts a variety of different events from meetings and conferences to training courses and research colloquia. It also has a close connection with the European Council for High Ability (ECHA) and regularly holds ECHA training courses.

Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and conferences take place at regular intervals with a focus on current gifted and talented research and promotion. These events are aimed at both an academic audience as well as teachers in school and pre-school, those in a counselling context, government agency employees and institutions and last, but most definitely not least, parents.

Research Colloquia

Research Colloquia regularly offer insight into current gifted and talented research.

ECHA Events

At the annual German ECHA days in Muenster interested parties meet to discuss current issues in the field of gifted and talented research and promotion. Training programmes are also regularly held for the ECHA European Gifted Education Diploma and ECHA European Gifted Coaching Course.